Wholesome Family Dinnertime!!


It’s not out to play for a couple weeks, but it’s up for pre-order and early release now! I worked on it with Nick Yonge (of http://www.kranggames.com/) who is fabulous. I did the characters, guns, and other promo stuff!

Anyhow, check out the site! I am super excited – I have a few more projects on the horizon I can’t wait to delve into too. I’ll be posting more about those soon!



Here is the flash film I tackled in the last small stretch of my Classical Animation program at  the Vancouver Film School.

This was my first time even approaching Flash, and it was really a surprising amount of fun to try to figure out. I can’t wait to tackle something else with it now that I’m a lot more comfortable with the program.

Sask & Girl

This is the film I spent about four months working on during my Vancouver Film School Classical Animation program.

This project, while a ton of work, was one of the most enjoyable undertakings I’ve taken on start to finish. It’s such an incredible feeling to draw some doodles that over time take on some semblance of life.

Anyhow, enjoy! I may post a sort of step by step process post in the future if anyone is interested!

Graduation Poster

This Friday is the big day, where my lovely class gets to showcase the fruits of their labors in front of a full theatre of people!

I had the opportunity to create our grad poster, which was a really fun privilege; this is such a fun group of people to draw.


Hopefully everyone enjoys the show half as much as we’ve loved this year!